Anatomic Grip - Soft Cork, ID 18 mm

ID number: FK1527/18/K
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Anatomic grip for trekking poles cork FK1527


The special anatomically shaped grip for trekking and hiking poles is crafted from a blend of soft cork and elastomer, offering a unique combination of natural feel and comfort.



This blend provides a soft, warm, and pleasant sensation during hikes, enhancing the overall experience.



Designed with an anatomical shape, the grip allows for a natural hand position while holding the pole. This ensures that the hand remains in alignment with the forearm, promoting comfort and reducing strain on the wrist.



With an inner diameter of 18 mm, it fits standard poles perfectly.



Experience optimal support, a secure hold, and confident steps with this grip.



For easy mounting of the grips on poles, our hot melt glue sticks are the ideal solution.