Walking cane grips


Walking cane replacement grips


Walking canes are used to help walking with pain, abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system, muscle weakness and balance disorders. They help to make mobility easier by reducing pressure on the individual's legs. Walking canes are an ideal aid for all elderly people or for people with walking problems.


Walking cane grips or cane handles offer a secure connection with the cane and then with the ground, therefore they need to be made of high-quality materials and nicely shaped to fit the inside of the palm.


Walking cane replacement grips are equipped with a safety cord that allows us to use our hands freely.


We're using the best and most durable materials for the production of walking cane hand grips:

  • plastic (PE)
  • two-component (2K - plastic & soft cork)


Support handle 2-K (PP + CORK), ID 18 mm
8,50 €
Support handle, ID 18 m
7,50 €
Support handle 2-K (PP + CORK), ID 16 mm
8,50 €
How to attach a handle to a walking cane?

The handle is attached to a walking cane by using hot melt glue or two-component epoxy glue. It is recommended that the shaft of the walking cane has at least the room temperature of min. 23 °C.

How to choose a walking cane handle?

Walking cane handles must provide a comfortable grip to ensure good connection with the cane as well as the ground, therefore they need to be nicely shaped to fit the inside of the palm and made of high-quality materials. 


If the handle is at least partly covered with a softer and non-slippery material such as soft cork, the feeling of comfort and stability is even greater.