Nordic grips and cross country ski pole grips


Cross-Country and nordic walking ski pole grips

Excellent one component and 2K (two-component) nordic walking and Cross-Country ski pole grips for professionals and recreational athletes.


Our offer of nordic ski pole grips

  •  grips for nordic walking poles
  •  XC grips for Cross-Country ski poles and rollerski poles


Advantage of 2K nordic grips

Two component (2K) grips for nordic ski poles are manufactured in two production steps.

Soft elastomer and cork as our second components represent the most pleasant and soft coating on the plastic base of the grip which results in an incredibly comfortable feeling of the grip.


Important note:

When choosing nordic grips do not forget to also choose the wedge for fixing your nordic walking or XC strap into the grip (Easy strap and Power strap).

The size of the wedge (810 or 12 mm) describes the thickness of the wedge (not it's width).


Don't hesitate - take a pick, choose your fit!

Wedge, 12 mm
1,50 €
XC GRIP 2-K - CORK (black PP), ID 16 mm
6,50 €
XC grip 2-K - CORK, ID 16 mm
6,50 €
Click XC grip - PP + E, ID 16 mm
8,00 €
Wedge, 10 mm
1,50 €
Wedge (small), 8mm
1,50 €
Ergo-Klik grip, ID 16 mm
7,00 €
Click XC grip - PP + K, ID 16 mm
8,50 €
XC grip - NATURAL CORK, ID 16 mm
6,00 €
Standard XC plastic grip, ID 14 mm
4,00 €
Standard XC plastic grip, ID 15 mm
4,00 €
Standard XC plastic grip, ID 16 mm
4,00 €