Rubber tips and pads for ski poles

Premium selection of rubber pads and rubber tips

 We produce rubber pads and rubber tips for:

  • trekking poles
  • nordic walking poles
  • special roller silet tip


The production takes place in our own production hall in Kranj, Slovenia, like the production of large majority of our offered items.


Durable material

Our rubber tips and pads for ski poles of all kinds are made of durable rubbery material, that's why they don't wear off fast.


Noise reduction & tip protection

Customers are happy to use our rubber pads and tips on paved surfaces for noise reduction and protection of tips on all kinds of ski, hiking or nordic poles.


Rubber tip protector, ID 10 mm
3,00 €
Rubber pad for nordic walking silent tip
3,00 €
Nordic rubber pad - asymmetric, ID 10 mm
2,50 €
Rubber tip protector, ID 8 mm
3,00 €
Rubber foot pad
3,50 €
Rubber pad for special roller silent tip
3,00 €
Rubber tip protector, long, ID 10 mm
3,00 €