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Middle grips for ski and trekking poles

Middle grips come handy when climbing steep slopes, so there's no need to change the height of the poles.

They represent an extra grip which is placed directly under the main one and is glued to the pole.


Check out our range of middle grips for all kinds of ski poles and trekking poles made of:

  • soft cork (K)
  • elastomer (E)


Support handles for walking canes

Support grips offer a secure connection with the walking cane and then with the ground, therefore they need to be made of high quality materials and nicely shaped to fit the inside of the palm.


We're using the best and durable materials also for production of support handles:

  • plastic (PE)
  • two-component (2K - plastic & soft cork)


Suport handle, ID 18 m
5,00 €
Support handle 2-K (PP + CORK), ID 16 mm
6,00 €
Support handle 2-K (PP+CORK), ID 18 mm
6,00 €
Middle grip - CORK, ID 18 mm
7,00 €
Middle grip - ELASTOMER, ID 18 mm
6,50 €